Fundacon Oy

Fundacon Oy has the business idea to support owners and suppliers in different power plant and district heating plant projects. The company is owned by its employees. Fundacon’s office is located in Finland in the city of Turku.

Fundacon is offering tailor-made services to owners, suppliers, and other interest groups working with power plants. With the help of experience, expert knowledge, flexibility, and a wide range of services Fundacon is eager to cooperate constructively and to achieve customers’ needs of high quality and cost effective during the whole life spam of the product.

Fundacon has broad range of special skills in steam power plants using biofuel, waste, oil, or gas as fuel in boilers. Furthermore, the employees of Fundacon are very experienced in gas turbine heat recovery boilers. Strong experience helps in modifying and optimizing existing boiler plants.

Fundacon is continuously investing in employees. To be able to guarantee customers’ satisfaction and to ensure the continuity, Fundacon is recruiting new employees and developing network partners.

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